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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

The Social Responsibility School held its Certificate Ceremony at ETU

The first of the project named "Social Responsibility School," prepared by the Social Contribution and Equal Policies Coordination of Erzurum Technical University (ETU), has been completed.

Within the scope of the project aimed at increasing the project writing skills of undergraduate students and encouraging their involvement in social contribution activities, students were provided with trainings on social responsibility, volunteering, and social benefit topics for 4 weeks. Students were informed by expert trainers about the preparation, writing, and application stages of European Union ERASMUS+, TUBITAK, BAP, and youth projects.

Speaking at the closing event of the project, Associate Professor Burak Baskan, the Coordinator of Social Contribution and Equal Policies, expressed that the Social Responsibility School Project would be held every semester, stating, "We have started an important project in this term. Both our students and our teachers have completed this process with pleasure. 36 of our students have earned the participation certificate with the theoretical and practical infrastructure to actively participate in social responsibility projects. I congratulate them and extend my thanks to all our teachers involved in the project."

Directorate of Corporate Communication 05/24/2024


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