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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Strategic Plan

Erzurum Technical University (ETU) has put into effect its second five-year strategical plan at the 8th year anniversary of its foundation in 2018. 2018-2022 strategical plan is a roadmap being formed by common sense to reach targets in line with ETU's third generation university vision and directs ETU’s movements to form the future university. Although ETU could still be considered as being at the foundation phase, it has already proved itself as a university which can achieve to produce global scale science and projects thanks to its vision of being a third generation university. Our university was ranked the fourth place, within 56 universities, founded after 2010 without Medical Faculty. This ranking was made by University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Laboratory, within the structure of ODTU Informative Institution. ETU also continues to support and produces projects supported by Ministry of Development, TUBITAK and etc, on important issues that can uplift our country.

Our university has progressed enormously since its recent foundation in 2010. However, we know that we should still work hard not only to create a campus with a strong infrastructure but also to establish a competent academic staff.  Accordingly, we restructure our goals and objectives in accordance with our university vision. We consider this mission a conscientious and ethical responsibility as much as a legal obligation.

ETU’s 2018-2022 strategic plan consists of strategic aims and targets to increase the success of our university. Improving scientific research, the integration of R&D activities and graduate education, transformation of scientific knowledge into economic value and social contribution, further improvement of human sources constitute the main base of our strategic plan. In this context, five strategic aims and twenty-five targets are defined in the fields of ‘’Education‘‘, ‘‘Research‘‘, ‘‘Entrepreneurship‘‘,  ‘‘Social Contribution‘‘ and ‘‘Institutional development‘‘.

In the preparation process of the new strategic plan, participation, sheerness, realism and measurability principles were primarily adopted and a special attention has been paid to keep high level of participation. To determine the ideas and views of our internal and external stakeholders, focus group meetings were held with the participation of representatives from public institutions, organizations, private sector and civil society as well as the mayor and the governor.  Along with holding Information meetings, our students, academicians and administrative staffs were also asked to fill in a questionnaire in which they could reflect their views. This multiple analyses clearly set out the opportunities and threats that were presented by the university’s premises as well as mapping out our university’s strength and its aspects that could be further developed. Taking sectoral analysis findings into consideration our university defined its role within the area. Accordingly, our mission, describing our duty as university, and our vision, showing future ideals, were defined. In accordance with our mission and vision, our main objectives, targets and strategies were determined. We hope that our strategic plan, prepared by considering the Tenth Development Plan, the relevant legislation and the top policy documents, will become a lodestar to our improvement and will also contribute to increase the competitiveness of our country.

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