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Destek Sayfası

Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi


Erzurum Technical University was founded in 2010 with the decision dated 21.07.2010 and numbered 27648. Etu became the second state university in Erzurum and has started to give education with 6 faculties, 3 institutes and 1 college. ETU’s first academic program started in 2012-2013 and gave its first graduates in 2015-2016 academic year.

ETU, which carries out its construction activities rapidly, has completed most of the constructions within the campus area. Our modern faculties and administrative buildings, rising on an area of 4,000 acres, serve as a model among the new generation universities. With the completion of the central classrooms, built in 6250 m2 area, an important step was taken for educational standards and social facilities. An additional classroom which was built in 3.178 m2 area was constructed to be used as a sports hall later. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences which is planned to serve as the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the Faculty of Letters has been completed in an 19.581 m2 area. Students of the both faculties continue their education in this building. The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, built in 25.245 m2 area, was completed and put into service in 2017. The Rectorate building which was built in 12.578 m2 area as a synthesis of Seljuk, Ottoman and Republican architecture was completed and put into service in 2016. Girl’s dormitory, donated to our university by İşbank with a capacity of 152 students, serves actively and meets the shelter needs and social life of our students. In 2017, the dormitories of General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories agency with a capacity of 1500 people have also been put into service in our campus area.

High Technology Application and Research Centre (YÜTAM) aiming to contribute to the 2023 technological objectives of our province, region and country with its qualified R & D studies, was completed and put into service in 2017. Our Dinning Hall was founded in 2016 and thus the first stage of the Student Life Centre started.  The Student Life Centre, which continues to develop with a bazaar and other social facilities, is still under construction. 16 lodgings have been completed and handed in to academicians and other  32 lodgings are still under construction. In the campus area, transportation needs were fulfilled with a 6000m bicycle path, pedestrian road, highway and lighting.


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