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Destek Sayfası

Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi


TECHNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, of which Erzurum Technical University (ETÜ) is a stakeholder, has ended.

In Ankara, specially for the centenary of our Republic, between 30 August and 3 September at Etimeskut Airport, under the leadership of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the ministries, presidencies, public and private sectors that play a critical role in Turkey's national technology ecosystem were organized. The excitement of TECHNOFEST, which was organized with the participation of 125 institutions, including institutions, academic institutions and media companies, has ended.

Visitors showed great interest in the ETU stand at the festival, where technology and entrepreneurship competitions, air shows, air and land vehicle exhibitions, educational workshop activities, vertical wind tunnel, simulation experience areas, concerts and various events were held.

Thousands of visitors from 7 to 70 had a pleasant time and had the chance to experience new technologies in the science, wood, 3D production and virtual reality workshops established by MUCİTPARK (Inventor Park) Science and Idea Workshop at the ETÜ stand.

Evaluating the festival, ETÜ TECHNOFEST Coordinator Lecturer. See. Ali Necip Nursoy stated that, as ETÜ, they are very happy to bring together thousands of people with science: “We organized many events in line with the TEKNOFEST spirit to open new horizons in the worlds of our young brothers. Thousands of children had enjoyable moments in our workshops. The happiness on their faces was the reward of all our efforts. Our Rector Prof., who gave us great support in this process. Dr. "I would like to thank the entire TECHNOFEST team, especially Bülent Çakmak," he said.

ETÜ Rector Prof. has been following the festival on-site since the first day. Dr. Bülent Çakmak stated that they were proud to be a stakeholder of TECHNOFEST and said: “We took our place in the festival area in order not to leave our team alone and to come together with science enthusiasts. As ETÜ, we seriously prepared for the event held in our capital and set up one of the most striking stands of the festival. Here, more than 5 thousand children participated in various activities in our experiment workshops. More than 10 thousand of our guests had the opportunity to see the vehicles developed by our students in our technology teams and appearing in TECHNOFEST competitions. As I mentioned before, this is not just a festival. It is a source of inspiration for our future generations to take our country even further. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues who are here and those who contributed to the organization of the event."

Corporate Communications and Promotion Directorate 5.09.2023


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