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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

The 4th National Student Congress with a Women's Theme was Held at ETU

Erzurum Technical University (ETU) Women and Family Studies Research and Application Center (EKAUM) organized the 4th National Student Congress with a Women's Theme.

The congress, held in a hybrid format to raise awareness about gender equality and increase consciousness, was attended by ETU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ceren Sultan Elmalı, Dean of the Faculty of Literature Prof. Dr. Ugur Akbulut, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel Bayıl Oguzkan from Gaziantep University, along with many academics and students.

Speaking at the opening of the congress, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ceren Sultan Elmalı stated that the Women's Studies Center operates with the mission of creating social awareness about women's issues and gender equality, saying: "In our congress organized to address women-themed topics and problems, we will create a productive discussion environment, evaluate different perspectives, and exchange ideas on solutions to problems. Conducting such studies to enable women to express themselves, display a meaningful existence, and to create awareness about women's issues and generate solution proposals is necessary for continuity. In this sense, the National Student Congress with a Women's Theme, which EKAUM has carried out with great dedication with the support of TUBITAK and which has now become a tradition, will not only serve this mission but also provide an opportunity for young generations who will take society forward to share their knowledge, thoughts, and approaches in an academic environment. I thank our rector and all the professors who contributed to the organizing committee for their support in making such an important congress possible. I also express my special thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel Bayıl Oğuzkan who honored our invitation today and to Prof. Dr. Kadriye Bakırcı who will support us online. Most importantly, I thank you valued participants for not leaving us alone and wish that the congress will be beneficial in line with the goals we mentioned."

Following Vice Rector Elmalı's speech, EKAUM Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahtinur Möngü stated: "We are delighted to hold the 4th National Student Congress with a Women's Theme this year. In each of our congresses, we learn something new, touch upon different points, address and evaluate women's rights and issues while also creating academic platforms for young generations, contributing to their academic and personal development. I thank you all for your participation."

After the opening speeches, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel Bayıl Oğuzkan spoke and provided information to the audience with her talk titled "The Role of Women in Society and Development: The Gaziantep Example."

In the opening of the afternoon session, conducted online, Prof. Dr. Kadriye Bakırcı informed the audience about the position of women in society and laws regarding human rights through her talk titled "The Turkey Human Rights and Equality Commission Law."

The congress, which was followed with great interest, also discussed various women-themed topics ranging from stereotypes faced by women running bathhouses attendants, to societal views on women who want to become mothers or choose not to, reasons for the position of women in inheritance in Anatolia, pregnancy yoga, and mother-infant bonding.

Corporate Communication Directorate 05.27.2024


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