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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

ETÜ Faculty of Sports Sciences Continues to Contribute to Literature with its Qualified Publications

The validity and reliability of the "My Jump" application was proven with a comprehensive study carried out by Erzurum Technical University (ETÜ) Faculty of Sports Sciences faculty members.

The research team, including Assist. Prof. Cebrail Gençoğlu, Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Ulupınar, Assoc. Prof. Serhat Özbay, Assoc. Prof. Murat Turan, Assist. Prof. Buğra Çağatay Savaş, Assist. Prof. Selim Asan and Assoc. Prof. İzzet İnce announced a development that will make a difference in the field of sports sciences.

In the study, the application called My Jump, which is frequently used to evaluate and improve the jumping performances of athletes for neuromuscular power analysis, was put under the spotlight with the study conducted by ETÜ Faculty of Sports Sciences.

The results of the research proved that the My Jump application is extremely valid and reliable in measuring vertical jump performance, and this study was published in Scientific Reports, the prestigious journal of the Nature publishing group.

Researchers analyzed how accurately the My Jump app measured vertical jump height, specifically using flight time-based measurements. For the research, PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus and EBSCO host databases were comprehensively scanned. In the study, in which a total of 21 studies were included in the analysis, it was determined that there was no significant difference in raw scores between the My Jump and criterion methods and that they showed high agreement. Stating that the reliability scores of the application are excellent, the research team stated that the application is a low-cost and accessible tool for sports scientists and conditioners and can be used to accurately evaluate vertical jump performance in different environments.

ETU Rector Prof. Dr. Çakmak made an evaluation on the subject, congratulated the research team and said: “The athletes trained by our Faculty of Sports Sciences represent our university in the best way possible in national and international competitions. We follow the competitions closely and share the excitement of our athletes. Our coaches are as skilled at training our athletes as they are academically successful. The publication of the study in one of the most prestigious journals in the world is one of the biggest indicators of this. "On this occasion, I congratulate once again our professors who contributed to the study and wish them continued success," he said.

Corporate Communications and Promotion Directorate 27.11.2023


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