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Date of Establishment and Presidency Structure


Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5436 and the Law Amending Certain Laws and in Article 15 of the Decree stated in the Strategy Development in the public administrations, the Directorate for Strategy and Development Department was established. According to the said Law, the said Law with the duties specified in Article 15 of the 5018 Public Financial Management and Control Law to carry out the tasks specified in the different Article 60 of the 5436 Law No. our university Strategy Development Department was established as of 14 July 2010 .


Strategy Development Department conducts its tasks within the scope of the following functions:

a) Strategic management and planning

1) determining Mission 
2) Creating a corporate and individual targets 
3) Data-analysis and research and development

b) Performance and quality criteria;

1) Administration of issues associated with the performance and quality criteria involved. 
2) the development of services for the management of the administration and performance-related information and to collect data, analyze and interpret. 
3) the administration and / or evaluate the compliance of the specified performance and quality criteria units to the head of the administration.

c) Management information system

1) The Board, in cooperation with relevant departments to fulfill if services related to information systems. 
2) the development of management information systems to carry out their work. 
3) Statistical recording operations and quality control.

d) Financial services

1) Budget and performance program. 
2) Accounting, final account and reporting. 
3) Internal control


Our Presidency; 
- Budget and Performance Program Unit  
- Strategic Planning and Management Information Systems Department, 
- Internal Control and Preliminary Financial Control Unit 
- Accounting-Final Account and Reporting Unit 
, including consists of 4 units.


Law and other legislation judge, has the capacity to use technology, creative, reliable, at least to the level of a staff error Download high ethical standards and the satisfaction of stakeholders and continuously generating the maximum level to be a presidential developing.


5018 Public Financial Management and Control Law in line; Our university to coordinate the efficient use of resources, and at the appropriate time in the maximum quality of financial services offered to ensure efficient and feasible planning to do.