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Department of Mechanical Engineering

About us

Mechanical Engineering is one of the main engineering fields to develop human physical abilities and also to expand efficient energy conversion capability, design of the entire system, manufacturing, assembly, as well as maintenance, repair and operation. 

It is very difficult to find a field or object not affected by mechanical engineering in the past or even present time.

This field or object can be an aircraft design, the ventilation system of a building, improving a car's fuel economy, the development of alternative and renewable energy sources, design and development of intelligent engineering or bioengineering of new material. 


In this context, progress in the field of Mechanical Engineering has a significant role and strong potential in the industry and development of technology. Mechanical Engineering focuses on the following areas:



• Design, manufacturing and product development

• Energy science and engineering

• Control, automation and robotics

• Bioengineering

• Nano / Micro science and technology.


Considering industrial and technological development in today's world and in our country, Mechanical engineering is a profession with high demand from industrial organizations (manufacturing, automotive, construction, chemical and food-drug industry, energy sector, textile sector), private engineering, academic fields and public institutions.

 Students who graduate will find opportunities to be as a part of institutions and organizations listed as follows:

•Project engineer

•Design engineer

• Automation and control systems engineer

•Quality assurance officer

• Research and Development engineer

• New product development

• Material analysis

• Assembly-maintenance-repair engineer

• Marketing and sales

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