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Department of History

Vision and Mission

Our vision

We aim at raising researchers who are open to advances of History and other social sciences, are capable of combining knowledge and reasoning and can contribute to science with their works. These researchers are expected to provide regional, national and international scientific fieldworks promoting to the city, the nation and the international community of which they are a living member.

Our Vision

we identify our vision as followings,;

Collaboration with universities in the country and abroad by providing the necessary conditions for joint projects.

Provide our students for studying abroad with national and international programs;

increase the capacity of raising Scientist in national and international field 

Provide the qualified teaching staff and technical staff (research assistants, specialists, technicians, etc...) to ensure a well qualified education program

organize scientific activities as national and international symposiums, panel discussions, conferences to contribute to the enrichment of the scientific environment,

 generalize promotion and incentive reward systems to increase the quality of education and research

During  graduate studies, providing researchers not only the opportunity of interaction with colleagues at the same department but also interaction with national and international colleagues from different group of institutions

Increase the prestige of History Science and promote the curiosity of learning History with precise historical knowledge by researches

Department of History