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Another Support from TUBITAK to Our University

The project, which was implemented by the academic members of Erzurum Technical University within the scope of ARDEB (1002) Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program, was awarded to be supported by TUBITAK.

The project named "Investigation of In Vivo Tumorgenesis Potential of MiR-1825 in Head and Neck Cancer in Nude Mouse Models" conducted by The manager of Erzurum Technical University Faculty of Science, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Assoc. Dr. Ömer Faruk Karataş, and Dr.  Özlem Özdemir Tozlu (ETU) and Dr. Betül Gündoğdu (Atatürk University) participated as a researcher was entitled to receive support within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1002.

The Role of miR-1825 in Head and Neck Cancers Will Be Investigated in Live Model Systems

Stating that head and neck cancers are an aggressive type of cancer and are included in the cancer group with a high risk of death, the project manager Assoc. Dr. Ömer Faruk Karataş stated that although many treatment methods have been developed in recent years, a significant increase in the 5-year survival rates of patients with this type of cancer has not been observed, but thanks to the developed project, the effects of miR-1825 on tumor formation will be examined for the first time in this study.

Stating that with the model developed within the scope of the project, mouse cancer models are widely used in order to better understand cancer formation and development processes in molecular terms and to develop new treatment approaches, Karataş said: “In this direction, the use of cancer models created by injection of human cancer cells from the back region of mice is frequently preferred in cancer studies. is being. These models technically reflect the environment of human tumors and allow rapid tumor growth, allowing rapid results. In this respect, cancer models created by the subcutaneous route constitute an ideal model in terms of determining the tumor formation potential and examining the histological and molecular changes that occur ”.

Stating that this project is supported by some preliminary data obtained from the studies so far and studies conducted with clinical samples, Assoc. Dr. Karataş concluded his words by saying, “In this context, it was revealed that miR-1825 expression increased in laryngeal tumor tissue samples compared to normal tissue samples”.

Rector Çakmak: "We Carry Out Our Works With The Aim Of Being A Research-Oriented University"

Stating that they have carried out important scientific studies in many fields as a university, Erzurum Technical University Rector Bülent Çakmak said: "I wholeheartedly congratulate our project team that has been awarded the support of the evaluation made by TUBITAK ARDEB. We carry out our studies with the aim of becoming a research-oriented university that produces technology, turns it into patents and presents the science it produces for the benefit of the society. Thanks to all our scientists who carried it further,I wish continued success, "