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Conference on Mathematical Approaches in Biological and Metabolic Research (14.12.2021)

The conference "Mathematical Approaches in Biological and Metabolic Research" organized by the Gen Aktüel Club operating within the Faculty of Science was held in the conference hall of our faculty. A faculty member of our faculty's Department of Mathematics, Dr. In the program, which was held with the presentation of Faculty Member Vehpi YILDIRIM, our Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent ÇAKMAK, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. İrfan KAYMAZ, Prof. Dr. Birol SOYSAL, our Dean Prof. Dr. Ümit İNCEKARA, our academicians and students participated.

At the end of the conference, the issues of the two-way relationship between the development of diabetes and the electrophysiological dynamics of insulin-secreting beta-cells were discussed, with the mathematical models developed and the experimental studies carried out, our Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent ÇAKMAK for his presentation and contributions, Dr. Presented a certificate of appreciation to Faculty Member Vehpi YILDIRIM.