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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Directorate of School of Foreign Languages

The Writing Center



What is ETUWrite?

  • ETUWrite is an Academic Writing Service provided by the School of Foreign Languages Program of Erzurum Technical University. The writing center is for undergraduate/graduate students as well as the academic staff who would like to receive guidance and feedback on their academic writing. We offer one-on-one consulting and feedback sessions to all ETU students and faculty members. We also provide coaching on becoming better writers throughout the writing process.

What is the system like for the Appointment?

  • Students and academic staff who want to benefit from Academic Writing services provided by ETUWrite need to book an instructor appointment by the link provided on the website.
  • The schedule for the writing instructors is listed on our webpage, or scan the QR code on the posters

Where is ETUWrite?

  • It will take place on the second floor at the School of Foreign Languages’ English Language Instructors’ Offices; 304, 314, 318, 319, 322, 323.

What is the scope of the genre for Academic Writing?

  • Paragraph Development
  • Essay Types and Development
  • Reaction Papers
  • Summary and Paraphrasing / Citation
  • Punctuation
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Writing Guidelines
  • Academic Writing
  • Correcting and Giving Feedback
  • Modeling Effective Writing
  • Process Writing / Portfolio Writing
  • The Research Paper

ETUWrite Instructors do…..

  • Provide one-on-one feedback so as to assist students and faculty members to become better and efficient writers.
  • Help with grammar or overall organization of the paper in terms of clarity, coherence, language structure, word choice and so on.
  • Enable students and faculty members some possibilities regarding particular academic writing skill areas that needs to be developed or promoted.

ETUWrite Instructors do not….

  • Write your paper
  • Correct Errors
  • Spell-check
  • Edit  / Rewrite
  • Translate papers
  • Check your friend’s or someone else’s paper




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ONLINE CITATION RESOURCES:  George Washington University   Purdue OWL  University of Wisconsin Madison ColoradoState University  APA   MLA  Chicago Manual of Style



BASIC WRITING TIPS: Punctuation, Sentence Structure, & Grammar

“WORD CRIMES,” by Weird Al Yankovich:



(basic sentence structure)


(run-on sentences)

(adjectives and adverbs)


(me or I)

(literally vs. figuratively)


(who vs. whom)

(spines and speech)


(first, second, & third person)






(At the beginning of a sentence, Boston, the Center for Disease Control): (continue on to “Why are capital letters difficult?,” “Word shape,” and “Take the test”)


The COMMA (,):

(comma splice)

(Oxford comma)



(it’s vs. its)

(who’s vs. whose)

(your vs. you’re)


The HYPHEN (-):

(number-noun modifiers)

(suspended hyphens)




QUOTATION MARKS, double and single (” “, ‘ ‘): (take the very helpful quiz at the bottom of the page)




The DASH (–):


The COLON (:):


WORD USAGE (words that sound the same but are entirely different):




BRACKETS, particularly the square kind ([ ]):


MISCELLANEOUS, meaning extra stuff:

(silent letters)

(the importance of practice)


(plural names)

(dashes, parentheses, & commas)

(power of simple words)

(case against “good” and “bad”)


(resume writing)

(power of simple words)

(does grammar matter)

(misplaced modifier)

(me, myself, & I)

(how many English verb tenses)

(4 lessons on grammar and word choice)

(power of great [literary] introduction)

(using rhetoric)

Hundreds of activities for grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading comprehension. Beginners, intermediate and advanced level ESL.


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GCF Global’s YouTube playlist



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Guide to Grammar and Writing

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Academic Phrasebank

General resource for academic writers from the University of Manchester.

Hundreds of activities for grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading comprehension. Beginners, intermediate and advanced level ESL.


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