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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Department of Business Administration

About Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was founded on 14th July 2010. The faculty contains seven departments; namely, Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and Public Administration, Econometrics, Public Finance, Banking-Finance, International Trade, and Logistics. The Department of Business Administration has undergraduate programme, and the Department of Economics has also MSc. and PhD programmes in addition its undergraduate programme.

The Department of Business Administration aims to graduate high qualified students who have the ability to analytically think and do synthesis by taking the theoretical knowledge of Business Administration at the centre. Graduates with this qualification will highly demanded by employers. To achieve this goal, the department has developed a flexible and innovative undergraduate programme containing several elective courses. The programme has been arranged as 4 years and 8 terms. The programme has also compulsory English Courses covering its 8 terms in order to improve students’ English skills.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
It is aimed that graduates from the Department of Business Administration will have the ability to analytically evaluate the problems related to economic affairs and to propose convincing solutions to them. If they graduate with this ability, they can be easily employed as specialists and administrators in the governmental institutions and organizations, in the finance and banking sector, audit companies and international companies. They can also pursue an academic career.

The department provides facilities such as symposium, conferences, panels through which students have a chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The department has also sufficient physical facilities such as library, entrepreneurship laboratory and classes supported by technological equipment. We are also part of different student exchange programmes (Erasmus+, PAX, Mevlana and Farabi) through which students might visit other national or international universities during their studentship. Additionally, students might benefit from social and sportive activities (e.g. football, basketball, ice hockey, folk dancing etc.) and student clubs.

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