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Destek Sayfası

Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Vision-Mission- Main Values


Our vision is to become first preference amongst students. Being a member or graduate of the University is considered as prestigious both national and international level. Also, we not only want to be on top of Palandoken Mountain but also on top of success.


Our mission is to prepare future leaders of society who can guide political and economic system of the country.  We also want to contribute the solutions of the problems of the city and the region by the conducted research.

Main Values

Our Faculty;

• Perfectionism in education and training
• Having  lifelong education and training perspective
• Student focused
• Dynamic and productive
• Participation and transparency in management and academic life
• Adopting scientific study as a principle
• Respectful for  academic and ethical values
• To believe in science universality and leadership  
• Encouraging rational and critical thinking
• Supporting  creativity, innovation and unique thinking
• Determined to make corporate culture sustainable
• Sensitive to employee satisfaction
• Respectful for environment and aware of its  social responsibility
• Respectful for differences
• Universal-Modern-Idealist
• Open to cooperation and solidarity
• Assimilating justice, merit and democratic values         

adopts such insights.

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