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Destek Sayfası

Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Faculty of Science

Vision - Mission


To become a pioneering faculty that is internationally recognized in the field of science, raising well-equipped individuals who understand the importance of science and technology for the future of our nation, conducting research to solve the problems of our country, especially our city and our region, leading university-industry cooperation, and participatory and sharing management.


• Having a privileged position at national and international levels,
• Being proud of being a teaching staff or student,
• Raising its students as qualified, productive, respectful to social values, professional competence, not sacrificing science morality and constantly following the developments in the field,
• Being able to conduct advanced scientific researches with its teaching staff and contribute to the rise of our country's contemporary civilization level with the knowledge and technologies produced from these researches,
• To be an innovative, leader and exemplary Faculty of Science

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