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Destek Sayfası

Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Department of Mechanical Engineering


A. Fatih Orphan, of different Hard Surface Treatment and Investigation of the Effect of Variable Amplitude Loads Under Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior, TUBITAK, 213M605, Project Manager.

A. Fatih Orphan Ag Doped TiO 2 + HA Upgrading the CP-T Hybrid Films on Sol-Gel Method; Structural Investigation of tribological and Conditions In Vitro Biocompatibility Properties, BAP ETU / 2013/013, Project Manager.

A. Fatih Orphan ,, the oxidation of CoCrMo implant in plasma and Bakery Equipment Environment Impact on Wear and Corrosion Properties, Ataturk University BAP, 2009/266, Project Manager.

A. Fatih Orphan, And Implants Used as CoCrMo Alloy Plasma Nitriding of structural, mechanical, tribological properties of Investigation, Ataturk University BAP, 2008/151, Researcher.

A. Fatih Orphan, Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of mechanical properties of plasma nitrided with Hip Prosthesis, TUBITAK, 106M066, 2006, Researcher.

A. Fatih Orphan ,, TiB 2 : BN: MoS 2  self-lubricant-hardened soft Nanostructured Composite Coating Film Properties Development and Characterization, BOREN, 2006-35-C-34-23, Researcher.

A. Different Surface Treatment ,, Fatih Orphan Treated Hip Replacement of structural, mechanical and tribological properties of characterization, TUBITAK 104M222, Researcher.

A. Fatih Orphan ,, Orthopedic Implants and surgical (medical and dental) duplex surface treatment of components: Mechanical-tribological-electrochemical-structural features of the characterization, DPT, 2003/03, Researcher.

A. Fatih Orphan Investigation of the Effect of Post-Plasma Nitrocarburizing done Oxidation Process of Corrosion Resistance, Ataturk University BAP, 2005/13, Researcher.

A. Fatih Orphan, Assistant cathode Increasing the Efficiency of Using Plasma Nitriding Process with Ataturk University BAP, 2002/37, Researcher.

A. Fatih Orphan, The Effect of Magnetic Field Fatigue, Ataturk University BAP, 2003/34, Researcher.

A. Fatih Orphan, be applied to the implant material by plasma nitriding process, Ataturk University BAP, 2004/111, Researcher.

Salih Akpinar, Adnan private, Hamid Akbulut (2014-2017). 'Cycle of Thermal Performance of Structural Adhesives Used in Improving Aviation Area with Carbon Nanostructure Contribution'. TUBITAK 114M408-1001 (Executive), Project Budget: £ 348,650.00

Adnan private, Şemsettin Clean, Murat Aydin Demir, Salih Akpinar, (2007-2009). 'Investigation of the mechanical behavior of structural adhesives used in aviation applications'. 106M483 TÜBİTAK- 1001 (the grantee). Project Budget: £ 170,000.00

Special Adnan Salih Akpinar, (2010-2012). 'Combined with the bonding connection, temperature and internal pressure Subjected to Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Composite Pipe Metal and 2011/134 BAP (Researcher). Project Budget: £ 10,000.00

Salih Akpinar, (2013), Hidromobil Vehicle Design Project. Gumushane University Mechatronics (Alternative Energy Car Racing Formula-G-TUBITAK) (Coordinator). Project Budget: £ 70000.00

Fatih Yildiz, Establishment of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, R & D Laboratory, Erzurum Technical University, BAP, 2013.

Fatih Yildiz, Dry Grown by Physical Vapor Deposition coating and Boron Nitride Terms of different Investigation of tribological properties in liquids, Erzurum Technical University, BAP, 2013.

Fatih Yıldız, Ag +  Doped TiO 2 + HA Upgrading with Sol-Gel Method on Hybrid Films cp-Ti; Structurally, the tribological properties of biocompatibility and Conditions In Vitro Characterization, Erzurum Technical University, BAP, 2013.

Fatih Yildiz, Metallography Laboratory Establishment of Own the Metallurgy program, Ataturk University, BAP, 2010.

Fatih Yildiz, Different Surface Treatment Treated Hip Replacement of structural, mechanical and tribological properties of characterization, TUBITAK Project. 104M222. 2008.

Fatih Yildiz, Abrasion Resistant TiB2 and Me-DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) film Upgrading: structural, mechanical and tribological-Characterization of Properties, TUBITAK Project. MİSAG-219. 2004.

Elijah  Hacısalihoğlu, CoCrMo implant in the plasma of the oxidation oven and Media Material Effect of Wear and Corrosion Properties, BAP Project 2011.

Elijah  Hacısalihoğlu, Investigation of Fatigue and Wear Behavior of Dental Implants, BAP Project 2011.

Elijah  Hacısalihoğlu, Improvement and Accreditation of Laboratory Biomechanical Testing Infrastructure, BAP Project 2012.

Elijah  Hacısalihoğlu Beta Ti ,, Investigation of the Dental Implant Fatigue Behavior of Alloy produced, BAP Project 2012.

Elijah  Hacısalihoğlu, Design and Construction of a New Test for Cervical Disc Implants Devices, BAP Project 2012.

Elijah  Hacısalihoğlu, and High Strength Pure Ti Nanostructured Biomaterials Development and production of these materials from high biocompatibility with the implant, Techno Venture Project 2012.

Eyüphan Manay, to investigate the heat transfer characteristics of the fluid in microchannels nano Atatürk University, BAP 2011-2014 budget; 34000.00 Project Type; Comprehensive Research Project No: 2011/397, Researcher

Eyüphan Manay, Investigation of Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics in Micro Channel Nanoakışk those Atatürk University, BAP 2012-2014 budget; Project Type 22.500,00; Infrastructure Project No: 2012/136, Researcher

Eyüphan Manay, the availability of solar assisted heat pump theoretical and experimental investigation in the dairy industry Atatürk University, BAP 2011-2014 budget; 34000.00 Project Type; Research Project No: 2011/398, Researcher

Eyüphan Manay, those employees Nanoakışk Body Pipe Heat Exchanger Design And Optimization Atatürk University, BAP 2011-2013 budget; 17000.00 Project Type; Project No enterprise; 2009/209, Researcher

Eyüphan Manay, determining the flow characteristics of triangular shaped bluff bodies into the channel disposed in a different layout and investigation of heat transfer improvement TÜBITAK 2008-2011 budget; Project Type 190,460.00; National Project No; 107M508, the grantee

Eyüphan Manay, into the triangular interior elements disposed in the heat transfer pipe and the horizontal flow characteristics and quantitative experimental investigation Erciyes University, BAP 2009-2010 budget; 12467.00 Project Type; Corporate Project No; FBY-9-1012, Researcher 

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