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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Health Sciences Institute

Quality policy





Session Date: 05/20/2020

Decision 12/02-) The draft of the "Quality Policy" of our University was discussed with the annexes of the Quality Coordination Office's letter dated 11.05.2020 and numbered E.4814.

Acceptance (unanimously) of the draft "Quality Policy" prepared by the Quality Coordinator of our University as follows,

Our quality policy;

To be a respected world university that makes innovative, improvement-based plans based on science, ethical principles and law, without compromising basic values for qualified education, research and development and service to society.

Within the scope of this policy, our University;


* To implement a student-oriented educational approach that prioritizes quality in education and training,

* To raise qualified individuals who are equipped with up-to-date information, have effective communication skills and social sensitivity,

* Designing and updating educational activities in accordance with the needs of the age, technological developments and national/international standards,

* Strengthening national/international collaborations in education,


* To support interdisciplinary, innovation and entrepreneurship-oriented research that strengthens university-industry-public cooperation and to produce high value-added R&D outputs that increase the welfare of the society,

* Concentrating on research in priority areas needed by our country and region, taking into account the trends in the world,

* To have faculty members who can renew themselves and have a critical perspective,

* To make the university environment an R&D environment focused on efficiency and quality for all stakeholders by ensuring the effective use of resources,

* To represent our country in the best way in the international arena,

Social Contribution

* To carry out activities that contribute to the scientific, social and cultural development of the society,

* Developing effective and efficient social responsibility projects,

* Contributing to the solution of social and economic problems at local, regional and national levels,


* Supporting the participation of internal and external stakeholders in quality processes,

* In the light of corporate principles, units; to internalize the management and organization approach that enables them to work in a participatory, coordinated and high performance manner; To provide a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment,

* To spread quality awareness at the corporate level,

* To be a barrier-free university that is sensitive to social problems and the environment,

* Adopts creating a culture of continuous improvement as a principle.

It was decided.

ETÜ Asistan Snow