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Destek Sayfası

Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

Strategy Development

Duties & Targets


a) national development strategies and policies, annual program and government administrations under the program to determine the medium and long term strategies and policies, conduct the necessary studies to establish the objectives.

b) Administration of issues associated with the performance and quality criteria involved and perform other tasks to be assigned for this purpose.

c) the development of services for the management of the administration and performance-related information and to collect data, analyze and interpret.

d) Administration on matters within the remit to examine the external factors that affect the services, in-house capacity to do research, to analyze the effectiveness of service and satisfaction and do general research.

e) to perform services related to information systems management.

f) if installed on the Administration Strategy Development Board carries out the secretarial services.

g) to coordinate the preparation of the strategic plan and performance program of the administration and conduct studies for consolidating the results.

h) following two years of the budget including the estimated budget of the administration, to prepare in accordance with the strategic plan and annual performance program and administrative activities to monitor and evaluate compliance.

ii) the principles and procedures to be determined in accordance with budget legislation framework, to prepare a detailed expenditure program and service requirements to ensure relevant units, taking into account the allowances.

j) Recording the budget, to collect data relating to budget implementation outcomes, and budget to prepare financial statistics and final account.

k) income accrues administration within the framework of relevant legislation, carry out follow up and collection of revenues and receivables process.

l) carry out accounting services at administrations outside the scope of the general budget.

m) the unit annual report prepared by spending units, to prepare a report on the basis of the administration.

n) is moved by the administration or use of property and edit summary charts relating to real estate.

o) to coordinate the preparation of the Authority's investment program, to monitor the implementation results and preparing annual investment evaluation report.

p) administration, business and financial conduct the process to be followed in other administrations and finalizing.

r) on the implementation of other related legislation, financial law to provide the necessary information and advice to senior management and spending authorities.

h) to carry out preliminary financial control activities.

t) establishing internal control system, the implementation of standards and improving the overall conduct studies; The effectiveness of senior management for internal audit function and make the necessary preparations in order to improve efficiency.

u) The President and / or perform other duties assigned by senior managers.

       Our values

  •  Transparency and Accountability
  •  Continuous Improvement
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  •  Cooperation and Teamwork.
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