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Registration/Patent/Intellectual Property Transactions

The legislator has regulated the issue of ownership of inventions obtained by higher education personnel during their work in the Industrial Property Law No. 6769. In accordance with Article 121/2 of Law No. 6769 and Article 29/1 of the Regulation on Employee Inventions, Inventions Realized in Higher Education Institutions and Inventions Emerging in Public Supported Projects dated 29.09.2017, based on the experience and studies gained in the higher education institution as a result of scientific studies or research conducted in higher education institutions. When an invention occurs, the inventor is obliged to notify the higher education institution of his invention in writing without delay, and if a patent application has been made in accordance with Article 30 of the Regulation, he must notify the higher education institution that the application has been made within one month from the patent application date. In line with this mandatory legal provision, the personnel of our University who made the invention must notify the authorized unit of our University about the invention without delay, before making a statement (academic publication, commercialization of the invention, etc.) that may affect the granting of a patent or utility model to the invention. If the inventor does not fulfill his/her obligation to notify our University or applies for a patent without notification, he/she will be responsible for the damages incurred against our University and disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.


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