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Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi

ETÜ Seeks Solutions for Social Adaptation Problems

The 2nd Advisory Board Meeting of the European Union Erasmus + Project titled "Invented Life / Discovered Life", in which Erzurum Technical University (ETU) is the coordinator institution, was held online with the participation of representatives of many public institutions and organizations.

Project partners from Turkey, Italy, Greece, asylum seekers in Spain and Poland and host citizens of languages, which aims to vocational or finding solutions to social adaptation problems with non-occupational skills in this project, one about the personal characteristics of the remaining refugees forced to leave the country with the inventory will be developed different collecting information in the category; It is aimed to use this information to determine the professional interests of asylum seekers and to structure their livelihood with the training to be given.

ETU Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent Çakmak stated that he is more than happy to contribute to the problems of immigrants, which have become a global issue in recent years, with an international project.

The meeting was held by Project Coordinator Asst. Prof. Mehmet Emirhan Kula, which included the presentation of activities of the project for one year and its planning for the next year, it ended with the opinions and suggestions of the participants.

Corporate Communication and Promotion Directorate 3.04.2021


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