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ETU Takes Firm Steps Forward in the Field of Aerospace Engineering

Erzurum Technical University continues its studies for the aviation and space industry, which is one of the most important and pioneering sectors of our country's domestic and national technology.

The geopolitical position of our country always requires a strong air force / defense. Erzurum Technical University also fulfills its responsibility in the fields of work such as UAV / UAV systems, the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project, and the nationalization of rocket systems.

ETU, which is located in the 1st Region, which is the most competent region in terms of quantity and quality, in the “Aircraft Design” sub-field of TÜBİTAK's 2020 “Area Based Competence” analysis, especially with its scientific projects and studies in these fields, demonstrated its competence in this field. In this context, ETU's mission is to train the qualified aircraft and aerospace engineers required in the field of aviation and space sciences in accordance with international standards.

"Aerospace Engineering Department Will Add Value to ETU"

ETU Rector Bülent Çakmak stated that Erzurum Technical University do their best to achieve  national project objectives targeted by Turkey is and said: "As a result of the acceptance of our application to YÖK with our well-equipped academic infrastructure, we aim to open the Department of Aerospace Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and to bring qualified scientists and engineers in this field to our country."

Rector Bülent emphasized that it is very important to develop the Space Industry and Human Resources Ecosystem with sub-projects such as "National Satellite", "Moon Program" and "Access to Space" within the scope of the "National Space Program" announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In this context, Çakmak said that the Department of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering, which he gave the good news recently, is among the important professions of the future and that this department will add value to ETU with the activation of this department.


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