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Liberal Arts


Erzurum Technical University Institute of Social Sciences was established as one of the three institutes of the University in accordance with the 131st annex of the 6005 numbered Law related with making amendments on Higher Education Organization Act and some Law and Decree Laws that accepted by the Parliament on 14.07.2010 and published on the 27648 numbered Official Gazette on 21.07.2010. 


The mission of the Institute of Social Sciences ,that assumes the coordination of masters and PhD programs on different branches of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Educational Sciences, is to create and maintain environment that will realize the production of science, to impel graduate students ,training at an advanced level on particular area, for making original and independent research, to prepare them academic and professional careers in fields they choose.


Our vision is to raise the bar even further on the struggle to train international level scientists, to support academic diversity and interdisciplinary studies, to keep in the foreground continuously the emergence of new ideas and theories, and the production of new knowledge.