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He was born in Erzurum in 1953. He graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business in 1978.

After working for three years in the private sector, he began his career as an assistant in microeconomics at Ataturk University Faculty of Business Administration in 1981. In 1984 he completed his doctoral studies at the same faculty.

He served as Advisor of Chairman in State Planning Organization Foreign, Investment Counsel Department in the years 1984-1986. He became associate professor in 1988 and a professor in 1994 in the Department of Economic Theory. In 1993-1995, he served three years as founding director of the Bayburt Vocational High School.

He served as a visiting professor at Roger Williams University in the United States in 1998.

He took part in the Special Commission of Eighth Five-Year Development Plan for Foreign Direct Investment.

He has two copyrighted works named 'Comparative Economic Analysis of Major Agricultural and Industrial Products Intended for Export' and 'Microeconomics’ and a book translation in Microeconomics along with research on 'An Alternative Approach to Investment Promotion Policy'.

In addition, he has three different large-scale studies involving sixty universities with a team in which he has been the project leader, on 'Socio-Economic Profile of University Youth', ' Expectations of University Youth Facing European Union' and 'Income-Expenditure Patterns of University Youth'.


Besides all this, he has many articles and numerous papers published in conferences/symposiums.