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Exact registration procedures are made between the dates set by Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (SSPC). The candidates who do not make final registration process between the dates specified by SSPC will lose their registration rights.

The following qualifications are required to make registration to the university

. To be secondary school or vocational school graduates; the diploma equivalence to be approved by the Ministry of National Education for those who have graduated from foreign country secondary schools.

. To gain the right to register to colleges and schools of the university in that academic year in the placement result made by SSPC; or to have the points and circumstances valid for that academic year in the units in which students will be admitted with pre-registration system, to be successful in the exam to be held.

.To provide the documents stated for registration to the university in the exam guide prepared by SSPC; to provide the necessary documents required by the Department of the Student Affairs for foreign students. The original documents or the copy certified by the University required for registration are accepted. With regard to the military situation, a process is performed on the basis of the candidate's statement.

.The candidates who have gained the right to register to the university make application for registration personally. However, the candidates who cannot apply personally due to excuses may register via their attorneys or legal representatives.

.If it is understood that the documents and the information submitted by the students who have made exact registration are inaccurate; their registrations will be canceled by the related board. All documents, including diplomas issued to the persons concerned shall be canceled and necessary legal procedures will be made concerning them.

. The terms and conditions of foreign students are determined in the practice principles which will be determined by the Senate depending upon the relevant legislation provisions.